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~Empowering Moms One By One~


     We posted on social media and asked those we know about moms we could help. A special person introduced me to Keena, a devoted, positive, hard working mom of 3. Keena is also an entrepreneur with an awesome story! Times are tough for her sometimes but she continues to serve others first! When we contacted her to let her know it is her turn to receive money & services just for her, she cried and was so grateful! A very special thank you to those who contributed to help this happen!

      When I met her, she greeted me with a goody bag that contained her body butter and scrub. The packaging is so lovely and made with such care. The products smell great and I LOVE how they make my skin feel. We both were excited to meet and I was pleased to receive gifts from someone I was about to give to! Keena has such a warm spirit and we talked non-stop for 2 hours. This wonderful mom works full time, makes her body products, also makes jewelry – “LOVE BOND JEWELRY”, is active in her church, and still finds time to give her time and talents to the less fortunate.

      It was truly my pleasure to have her be the 2018 Mother’s Day Fundraiser Recipient! She received money, 5 hours of business administration service, and free promotion of her business. Thank you again to The Pate Family for their heartfelt donation for a great cause! Please support and contact Keena of Spread The Love Body Butters & Scrubs with Essential Oils. You may reach her at and 1-708-439-4816 to order and/or to offer kindness! She is also on Facebook @KeenaRenee.



      "My name is Virginia. I'm 33 and a single mom of two boys. I first met Tiffany a few months ago when she would come into my job from time to time and I would wait on her and occasionally her family. Of course over time you start to talk more. One day she was going to get a massage. We talked about being able to put yourself first for once and pamper yourself. I told her that being a single mom with two boys is a struggle so if I ever get any extra money usually it goes towards my kids or a bill. Never does it go to me and if it does it definitely doesn’t go towards a luxury such as a professional massage.

      About a week later my coworker told me there’s lady who would like to speak to me at his patio table. I go outside and it was Tiffany with her family. So I say hello and she just so generously surprised me with a free pamper session massage at a local spa through her Mama Concierge business.

      At first I just couldn’t believe this random act of kindness. It just threw me for a complete loop. I was almost in tears. At first I felt guilty. I didn’t want to accept this gift. She told me how people donate to her company and she uses it to help others that are in similar situations as myself.

      I’m 33 and until last week I never experienced a professional massage. Thanks to Tiffany, it was so amazing. She did everything -all I had to do was show up, relax and enjoy. I can’t remember the lady’s name that gave me the massage but she was so nice and attentive. The massage was amazing. I was so relaxed I fell asleep!

      In all honesty this was the nicest, selfless, most generous act anyone has ever done for me. I will never forget it. I will continue to pay it forward. It makes me remember how I was raised do for those when you have the ability to and it will always come back to you. It may not be the way you think but it will always come back your way. I don’t have money but if someone is in need I always try to help if I have the ability to. When I think things aren’t going to be ok and I’m just at a loss, surprisingly nice things and wonderful people come into my life and bless me with their presence, perspective, and impact. Just so happens that Tiffany’s act of kindness was a blessing and meant the absolute world to me and I will never forget it or her."

Virginia's experience made possible by a donation from

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